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  1. The first 3, 900 pounds earned each year are not subject to the basic rate of tax.
  2. As well as cutting the basic rate of tax, the Chancellor may increase the threshold at which people begin the pay this rate.
  3. The government has a long-term plan to get the basic rate of tax down to 20 pence on the pound from 24 pence.
  4. The move would be popular among lower wage earners and be consistent with government plans to move towards a 20 percent basic rate of tax.
  5. The basic rate of tax rate on wealth is 0.06 % per annum, and the combined total rate is 0.89 %.
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  7. It is astonishing he has found the money to cut the basic rate of tax next year but has not committed any new money for schools and hospitals,
  8. That's why our target is a 20 pence basic rate of tax and for state spending to fall below 40 per cent of the nation's wealth,"
  9. Labour has proposed a new low tax rate of either 10 or 15 percent, but has declined to say if it would raise the current basic rate of tax ( 24 percent ) or the top rate ( 40 percent ).
  10. "A multi-billion pound compensation deal would almost certainly remove the . . . scope to cut the basic rate of tax further in the November budget, " said Ifty Islam, the European bond strategist at Merrill Lynch International.

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