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  1. However, they only hold the basic rank after retirement.
  2. The basic rank of a regular infantryman was the " sofa ."
  3. The basic ranks are species and genus.
  4. There were 4 basic ranks : herdboy assistants, warriors, inDunas and higher ranked supremos for a particular mission.
  5. Most of these stations employ the basic rank of, which was referred to as the rank of Guard until 1972.
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  7. The five basic ranks for the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, in descending order of importance, are as follows:
  8. The functional ranks remained only in medical, veterinary and legislative corps and Private became the basic rank for the enlisted and NCOs.
  9. The insignia for basic ranks consist in silver chevrons : two for constable, three for constable first class and four for principal constable.
  10. Bannf黨rer was divided into three levels, mainly the basic rank of Bannf黨rer followed by two higher ranks of " Oberbannf黨rer " and " Hauptbannf黨rer ".
  11. This system consisted of seventeen ranks, of which nine were for ( commissioned ) officers and eight were for sub-officers ( including the basic rank of agent ).
  12. "J滗k鋜i " " J鋑er " is also the lowest basic rank in the infantry of the Finnish Army and the Uusimaa Brigade ( marines ) of the Finnish Navy.
  13. The basic rank insignia of a chief superintendent consists of dark blue epaulets bordered with silver leaves of oak and with two PSP stars ( six points silver stars with the " SP " monogram in the center ) in the middle.
  14. While all new volunteers would usually be admitted at the basic rank of Ambulance Member ( male ) or Nursing Member ( female ), a higher rank may be subsequently assigned, as appropriate, based on respective functional appointments to describe a formal grade within the organisation conferring authority.
  15. Staff bands always recruited professionally trained musicians, who were subsequently accorded, at basic rank level, the appointment'Musician', and whose officer commanding is a commissioned officer known as'Director of Music'. ( ='Private','Gunner','Sapper', etc . ).
  16. These ranks also became the basic ranks for the Soviet Air Forces in 1918 and the Soviet Air Defense Forces ( from 1932 to 1949 component part of the Soviet Air Force and the Red Army, 1949 independent branch, and from 1954 a full-service arm of the Soviet Armed Forces ), and from 1991 onward became the basis for the present ranks of the Russian Air Force ( including the Air Defense Forces from 1998 onward ) and from 2001, the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces ( Formerly the Space Forces ).

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