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  1. CPA3 has a pH optimum in the neutral to basic range.
  2. The basic range of merchandise will be the same.
  3. The APG-63 has a basic range of.
  4. T'ai chi ch'uan trains in three basic ranges : close, medium and long, and then everything in between.
  5. In 2009, Vocality International launched its BASICS range, designed for integration into tactical communications systems for mobile, field deployed satcom operators.
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  7. The range seems to have been recently re-released in Japan by Bandai, adding new colours to the basic range of transparent spheres.
  8. Chapeltown is a relatively small village with a basic range of services and is the first settlement reached when travelling to Valentia over the bridge from Portmagee.
  9. China's great untapped market of 1.2 billion residents is proving elusive for U . S . corporations, long captivated by the prospect of selling them basics ranging from airports to telephone systems.
  10. After all, there's a huge difference in subjecting brain tissue to 30 minutes of radio frequency radiation ( operating in the same basic range as your microwave oven ) each week and giving it 30 hours of exposure.
  11. The colors are a basic range from yellow-green to forest green to blue, which is pleasant and is used all over the place, and I've been seeing white italic block letters in logos my entire life.
  12. A development of the 36-range Universal Avometer incorporating automatic cut-out and internal construction similar to the Model 7 ( Basic ranges to 12A and 1200V, the former extendable with accessory current shunts ) . 167 ohms / volt.
  13. Universal AVOmeter 50-range Later known as Model 7 ( 1936 to c . 1986 ) : A " High Sensitivity " multimeter for radio servicing . ( Basic ranges to 10A and 1000V, the former extendable with accessory current shunts.
  14. So last year, when Tim began talking up a " Diner's Bill of Rights " _ common-sense basics ranging from courteous service to the ability to send back unsatisfactory food without charge _ attention had to be paid, although restaurateurs'eyebrows were raised.
  15. The U . S . dlrs 7 million condom joint venture, China's first, between LIG and a Chinese condom maker will initially manufacture a basic range of Durex, the world's leading brand, possibly including ribbed varieties, with flavored condoms perhaps being added later.
  16. They have been using 3 basic ranges from TalkTalk ( Telecommunications Company ) / Opal Telecom and I have enough information here now to possibly perform some narrow rangeblocks as well as having the data necessary to have them shut down at their ISP . More later-this has taken me ages to compile-d'21 : 47, 27 December 2007 ( UTC)
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