basic radio in a sentence

  1. Plus there are only about five basic radio formats across the country right now.
  2. Another inspiration is the basic radio broadcasting principle.
  3. You have just made a basic radio.
  4. Furthermore, it sends the message to all its neighbours thereby using the basic radio communication characteristics.
  5. The same electronics that made basic radio systems work introduced the possibility of making very accurate time delay measurements.
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  7. Text and photographic traffic is regularly blocked in urban combat, and even basic radio can fail altogether, they say.
  8. A typical career ladder would be : basic training followed by a basic radio communicators course of approximately 3 weeks duration.
  9. Communication instruments range from basic radio devices to Fish detection devices, such as echosounders and sonar, are used to locate fish.
  10. Its successor " Basic Radio Journalism ", was published by Focal Press ( a division of Elsevier ) in 2002.
  11. In 1980, NZART collaborated with author Jumbo Godfrey to produce a " Basic radio training manual : a study course for the amateur radio operators ".
  12. These are the official owners of the former Cox name and logo and the Cox Models product line up consists of grand total of three basic Radio controlled electric trainer model airplanes.
  13. Following the survey, the Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation's first board of directors was elected in 1984, with Merasty as the first CEO . The corporation implemented a basic radio skills training program in 1984 that was delivered through the local community college.
  14. A handful of models even featured an integrated vinyl record player, an 8-track tape player or a ( typically black-and-white ) television screen, although the basic radio / cassette models have historically been by far the most popular.
  15. Because basic radio transmission equipment is relatively easy to obtain in the USA and because it is relatively easy to hide, the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ), which has the authority to regulate radio communications, sometimes has difficulty in finding and prosecuting offenders who transmit without a license.
  16. Writing for " Exclaim ! ", Greg Pratt praised the album's artwork and production, but said that " there s nothing that blows any minds here, or even gives a mild bend; hell, a good chunk of this disc feels like basic radio rock from the local old-guy bar band ".

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