base terminal in a sentence

  1. Lounge and buffet ( $ 14 . 95 ) in land-based terminal.
  2. XEmacs has always supported text-based terminals and windowing systems other than X11.
  3. Most of cargo operations take place between a ship and a land-based terminal.
  4. Land-based terminal features two restaurants and supervised children's play area.
  5. 7561 VDUs were memory-mapped display monitors, and not character-based terminals.
  6. It's difficult to find base terminal in a sentence.
  7. They could handle one serial port connected to one CRT-based terminal with keyboard-one user.
  8. Lounge and buffet ( $ 14.95 ) in land-based terminal.
  9. In addition to the base terminals, some tubes had an electrode terminating at a top cap.
  10. IBM 3270-based terminals used with IBM mainframe computers are an example of "'synchronous terminals " '.
  11. IBM says it will work with them where appropriate to support the net PC and Windows-based terminal.
  12. "There's still a debate whether the terminal upgrade market will be the Windows-based terminal or the NC,"
  13. A land-based terminal needs about 1 billion cubic feet per day of demand to justify building, Eisbrenner said.
  14. Launched in 1989, Rumba ( previously RUMBA ) was one of the first Windows based terminal emulators available.
  15. But sales of " Windows-based terminals " are growing faster than any other thin-client category, according to O'Brien.
  16. There are just four U . S .-based terminals today that can receive tankers carrying liquefied natural gas, or LNG.
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