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  1. The mechanism by which acid transits the barrier layer remains uncertain.
  2. Forming creates a very thin oxide barrier layer on the anode surface.
  3. Ultrasonic measurements may be limited through barrier layers with large salinity, temperature or vortex differentials.
  4. EVOH is used in multilayer films for packaging as a barrier layer ( barrier plastic ).
  5. Transient oxidation proceeds until the selective oxidation of the sacrificial element forms a complete barrier layer.
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  7. Hexagonal BN is used in xerographic process and laser printers as a charge leakage barrier layer of the photo drum.
  8. For example, extended release pharmaceutical formulations can be achieved by using a coating that acts as a barrier layer.
  9. See the chapter Barrier Layer Technology for Flexible Displays and the chapter Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Flexible Displays
  10. A barrier layer of other material can be placed between the base metal and the emission layer, to inhibit chemical reaction between these.
  11. Barrier layer capacitors are considered obsolete, as modern class 2 multilayer ceramics can offer higher capacitances and better performance in a more compact package.
  12. Applying a positive voltage to the anode material in an electrolytic bath forms an oxide barrier layer with a thickness corresponding to the applied voltage.
  13. In this design, the GaInSb hole QW is sandwiched between two InAs electron QWs, which are in turn surrounded by two AlSb barrier layers.
  14. The "'Barrier layer "'in the ocean is a layer of water separating the well-mixed surface layer from the thermocline.
  15. By depositing a layer of ruthenium on the TaN barrier layer, copper adhesion would be improved and deposition of a copper seed layer would not be necessary.
  16. Numerous patents describe the photosensitive drum coating as a silicon sandwich with a photocharging layer, a charge leakage barrier layer, as well as a surface layer.
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