barrier it in a sentence

"barrier it" in Chinese  
  1. The Pacific is no longer the trade barrier it once was.
  2. How do you feel about the barriers it broke down?
  3. Despite all the barriers it seems she must break, she keeps coming back for more.
  4. When nasolacrimal duct obstruction is secondary to a congenital barrier it is referred to as dacrocystocele.
  5. Israel says the barrier it is building is needed to keep suicide bombers out of the country.
  6. It's difficult to find barrier it in a sentence.
  7. But I am so happy that I got past whatever barrier it was in my own mind.
  8. Most important to them was the interior of the car, the car itself and the barrier it struck.
  9. "Anytime you work towards bringing down barriers it's certainly a positive for the consumers of all these countries,"
  10. When an island is joined to the mainland with a bar or barrier it is known as a tombolo.
  11. Israeli officials said the blast proved the need for the security barrier it was building in the West Bank.
  12. The Bankowskis'faith that they are normal people with an unusual condition has helped their children straddle the barriers it poses.
  13. Reynolds commented from hospital : " When I hit the barrier it was like a switch in my head flipped.
  14. But even though money is not the barrier it once was, it is still expensive to become a tennis champion.
  15. Within the EU, which has made the breaking down of borders and barriers its raison d'etre, customs posts were being reactivated.
  16. A . You could add insulation to the attic floor, but without a vapor barrier it will not be terribly effective.
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