barrier islands in a sentence

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  1. Rooms are named after barrier islands-- Gasparilla, Sanibel, Captiva, Bokeelia and Keewaydin.
  2. The city is located on a barrier island facing the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. If it works out that the barrier islands are evacuated, do it.
  4. North Padre Island is the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world.
  5. I grew up on the Jersey Shore, on a little barrier island.
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  7. Melbourne Beachside has a small presence on the South Beaches barrier island.
  8. An ample sediment supply is also a requirement for barrier island formation.
  9. LSD helps create many landforms including barrier islands, bay beaches and headlands.
  10. Residents of the barrier islands also have been ordered to evacuate today.
  11. Truth is, this 30-mile long barrier island has always been about nature.
  12. A network of barrier islands define the Atlantic coastline and lure vacationers.
  13. The barrier island is 90 miles ( 144 kilometers ) north of Miami.
  14. The barrier islands here were spared the worst of the wind.
  15. Moderate winds inflicted isolated shingle and siding damage along barrier islands.
  16. At the large Waiheke and Great Barrier Island from Half Moon Bay Marina.
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