barrier highway in a sentence

  1. The area traversed by the Barrier Highway is remote and very sparsely settled.
  2. The town in bisected by the Barrier Highway.
  3. From this point the highway generally heads southeast through Nyngan where it forms a junction with the Barrier Highway.
  4. The Barrier Highway at Wilcania, the Silver City Highway at Wentworth and the Broken Hill railway line at Menindee, all cross the Darling River.
  5. An old store on the Barrier Highway has been converted into a museum which focuses on the history of Saddleworth and the nearby towns of Manoora.
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  7. The town is situated on the Barrier Highway and former Peterborough railway line, north of 2006 census, Mount Bryan had a population of 137.
  8. "' Peterborough "'is a town in the mid north of South Australia, in wheat country, just off the Barrier Highway.
  9. From Griffith, the Kidman Way heads north through the vast, open western plains to where it meets the Barrier Highway, running east-west.
  10. In the early 1990s the South Australian Government proposed to close down the small communities along the Barrier Highway leading to a strong and unified resistance from the local communities.
  11. The A32 continues along the Mitchell Highway as far as, then follows the Barrier Highway to, north of Adelaide, where it connects with the Sturt Highway ( A20 ).
  12. Broken Hill is located near the border with South Australia on the crossing of the Barrier Highway ( A32 ) and the Silver City Highway ( B79 ), in the Barrier Range.
  13. The Far West region is traversed by the Barrier Highway, the Silver City Highway, the Mitchell Highway, the Cobb Highway and the Sturt Highway and by the Sydney-Perth Railway.
  14. At one stage the name Four States Highway was also considered as the road connects to Queensland and Victoria at each end, and also to South Australia via the Barrier Highway from Broken Hill.
  15. "' Nackara "'( formerly "'Tregu "') is a locality and former farming town in South Australia, 47 kilometres east of Peterborough on the Barrier Highway.
  16. It is roughly bounded by the Wakefield River in the south, the approximate path of the Barrier Highway in the east, latitude 33?8'S in the north and longitudes 138?8'to 138?5'E in the west.
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