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  1. Dishman and Baritz will not be the only ones watching how the union handles this matter.
  2. Which only goes to show that, as Baritz said, class may be determined less by Marx than by Flaubert.
  3. From 1999 to 2002, Dreier, Baritz, & Federman was formed with offices in New York and Boca Raton with most associates in Oklahoma.
  4. "Americans, especially, have blurred strictly economic class boundaries by reason of their hopes, not necessarily their wealth, " wrote the historian Loren Baritz.
  5. By this point, Baritz had moved to New York, where he was interned for speaking against the war . from which he was deported after only a brief stay.
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  7. But Jones subsequently lost before an arbitrator and a judge, and Dishman's attorney, Neil Baritz, is ready to pursue him for Dishman's money if he has to.
  8. Baritz visited Toronto in 1911, and there gave speeches on the position of the SPGB . This encouraged a group of supporters to form the Socialist Party of North America, splitting away from the Socialist Party of Canada.

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