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  1. Their mission was to intercept barges loaded with enemy evacuees from Kolombangara.
  2. One moves two to six barges loaded with asphalt oil once a week.
  3. Coalition forces recently intercepted a barge loaded with anti-ship mines.
  4. She towed barges loaded with troops, delivered dispatches, transported officers, and tended coal barges.
  5. In March 1917 MINSY was the site of a major explosion of barges loaded with munitions.
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  7. Six barges loaded with salt knocked a 40-foot section of concrete into the water on May 17.
  8. Five people drowned when a barge loaded with trucks sank in northern Russia, Russian Television said Sunday.
  9. Eight barges loaded with construction equipment followed.
  10. A barge loaded with 1, 000 tons of fuel oil sank Tuesday in Algeciras Bay near Gibraltar.
  11. Towboats hauled lines of barges loaded deep.
  12. It is not clear if a third barge loaded with those supplies will sail with the WFP's aid.
  13. They mention the small perks that come with the work, such as docking a barge loaded with junk.
  14. In 1787, Boone lost a barge loaded with 12 tons of roots in the Ohio River when it overturned.
  15. The Coast Guard and a private salvage firm brought in a barge loaded with heavy equipment to recover the fuel.
  16. Observers sighted barges loaded with troops and artillery pieces crossing the river north of Waegwan on the evening of the 7th.
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