barge in in a sentence

"barge in" meaning  "barge in" in Chinese  
  1. But he barged in and told her to sleep on his futon.
  2. Di Shen barges in to where Xueqing and Di Yao were kidnapped.
  3. A short time into their game, three men barged in wearing masks.
  4. He has been accused of barging in where angels fear to tread.
  5. Or with Gabriel's barging in like a next-door neighbor with a problem?
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  7. A masked man barged in and pointed a gun at her head.
  8. Ultimately, her suggestion was rejected and the government barged in more water.
  9. Oh, and Ryan Postlethwaite is always barging in drunk way past curfew.
  10. Creed says " not cool, man " after seeing Gabe barge in.
  11. This failed and Johnson bought both boats and their barges in 1868.
  12. Shippers and operators fear there may be even fewer barges in the future.
  13. "The gunmen barged in and started shooting, " said Dr . Mohammed Abbas.
  14. Sorry to barge in again, but I meant the steroid stuff.
  15. They say businessmen barge in with a sense of superiority and little sensitivity.
  16. Instead of simply barging in, he would knock and wait patiently.
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