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  1. Cleopatra's barge fleet courses the vast lobby.
  2. It runs a smaller barge fleet that hauls crude oil and related products offshore, and sells and repairs diesel engines.
  3. Over the next ten years, the Weeks barge fleet had grown proportionally, creating a vital infrastructural core of the Weeks operation today.
  4. Seaspan ULC has evolved into a prominent marine transportation company serving the West Coast of North America with a large tugboat and barge fleet.
  5. Archer-Daniels owns the the biggest river barge fleet in the country, the largest complex of grain elevators, an insurance business, a bank, a commodity trading unit in Chicago.
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  7. Here he developed a successful system of combined air and surface operations that annihilated a Japanese barge fleet in the Solomon Islands and Bismarck Archipelago, and severely damaged numerous shore installations.
  8. Smaller barge fleets also operate on the East ( Hudson River, etc . ) and West coasts ( Columbia River, Sacramento River, etc . ) of the United States, and in numerous countries including India.
  9. In 2004, the dry bulk cargo barge fleet on the Mississippi River System ( Mississippi, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway east and west, hoppers and 11, 572 covered hoppers, for a total of 17, 408, according to the Criton Corporation.

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