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  1. He was Speaker of the House during Barebone's Parliament of The Protectorate.
  2. He remained Clerk to Barebone's Parliament.
  3. The preceding Barebone's Parliament was made up almost entirely of County seats.
  4. Barebone Creek flows south of the former settlement.
  5. Barebone later joined the sect known as the Fifth Monarchists, known for their millenarianism.
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  7. He also opposed the religious extremism of the Fifth Monarchists during Barebone's Parliament.
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  9. Barebone's Parliament was over.
  10. It was followed by Barebone's Parliament and then the Second and Third Protectorate Parliament.
  11. Barebone was located southwest of Bedford.
  12. The claim that Barebone himself was an Anabaptist is likely to derive from post-Restoration critics.
  13. He was also a Member of Parliament for Oxfordshire in the Barebone's Parliament of 1653.
  14. In November 1653 he said that Barebone's Parliament was no improvement on the Rump Parliament.
  15. In 1661 Moyer was arrested and charged with treason alongside James Harrington and Praise-God Barebone.
  16. Praise-God Barebone himself was sent to meet and dissuade the women but his efforts were in vain.
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