barebacks in a sentence

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  1. The last three years have been real good for bareback riding,
  2. The bareback broncs weigh between 900 and 1, 200 pounds.
  3. They were noted for their horsemanship, riding their horses bareback.
  4. However, in certain situations, bareback riding is particularly suitable.
  5. Wahl learned to ride at an early age, mainly bareback.
  6. It's difficult to find barebacks in a sentence.
  7. It's the same with bareback riding and roping.
  8. Ford and Alexander have each won five bareback world titles.
  9. He lives in a tepee and rides a horse bareback.
  10. While growing up, Harris learned to ride bareback and saddle bronc.
  11. Kory Gant leads the bareback riding title with 27.5
  12. I rode bareback five hours every day for almost that entire time.
  13. "I'm a bareback kind of girl ."
  14. Ridden a bony donkey bareback while trying to play basketball.
  15. The bareback race was relatively calm compared to past years.
  16. The fair includes bareback parades with ponies decorated with ribbons.
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