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  1. There is a particular appeal to barebacking because it is sexier.
  2. He now runs a barebacking website, and is physically ill.
  3. (Barebacking ) comes up at every event we have,
  4. "What we're seeing is a voicing about barebacking,"
  5. Early articulations of barebacking generally refer to sex between two HIV-positive men.
  6. It's difficult to find barebacking in a sentence.
  7. The practice of barebacking has been fiercely debated in the gay community for several years.
  8. Thus, studies have shown that barebacking is decreasing in popularity within the gay subculture.
  9. "It's not that we wanted to defend barebacking, " he said.
  10. O'Hara was a proponent of barebacking, praising the freedom from fear of risk it gave him.
  11. With the increased use of the term " barebacking ", the term has been adopted for marketing purposes.
  12. Across a network of Web sites, gay men from Wichita to Rotterdam advertise group sex parties for barebacking men.
  13. But he concedes, " We are talking about a very small minority of the barebacking subculture ."
  14. He is acquainted with more than a few men who practice barebacking, as anal intercourse without a condom is called.
  15. The primary reasons the men cited for engaging in barebacking was greater physical stimulation and " emotional connection ."
  16. The practice of barebacking has grown at the same time that rates of HIV infection have begun to rebound in San Francisco.
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