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  1. By 1967, Bareau was editor-in-chief.
  2. Bareau ( 1955 : 143 ) provides the arguments of the Sarvstivda as follows:
  3. Wilson-Bareau proposes an alternate explanation for the origin of the self-portraits.
  4. The magazine was relaunched in 1961 by IPC Magazines, with Paul Bareau as editor.
  5. Wilson-Bareau has also questioned the authorship of other supposed Goyas, especially several portraits.
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  7. Wilson-Bareau wrote, " Almost all of us specialists are agreed that it's not by Goya ."
  8. Wilson-Bareau said, " Almost all of us specialists are agreed that it's not by Goya ."
  9. All but three of the lots were sold, according to Oliver Bareau of Sotheby's, many of them to other restaurants.
  10. Bareau traces the origin of the Mahyna tradition to the older MahsCghika schools in regions such as Odisha, Kosala, Ko駅ana, and so on.
  11. Ms . Wilson-Bareau calculated that Manet did his original sketch from the tiny garden of a new row of apartment buildings on the Rue de Rome.
  12. Andr?Bareau has stated that there can be found Mahyna ontology prefigured in the MahsCghika schools, and has offered an array of evidence to support this conclusion.
  13. Opposing them were the MahsCghika, early Mah +  [ saka, Theravda, Vibhajyavda and the Zriputra Abhidharma ( possibly Dharmagupta ) ( Bareau 1955 : 291 ).
  14. But one of the most respected experts on Goya, Juliet Wilson-Bareau of Britain, asserts that some 150 of the more than 700 accepted Goyas are mistakenly attributed.
  15. And for Juliet Wilson-Bareau, an expert on Goya's drawings, " the edition they altered was itself a desecration of Goya's original prints ."
  16. According to Bareau, the oldest core components of all these accounts are just the account of the Buddha's parinirvGa itself at Ku [ inagara and the funerary rites following his death.
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