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  1. Barea Soranus was condemned to death together with his daughter Servilia.
  2. They're very upset about Barea's situation.
  3. Barea continued playing in the backup position at the 2008 CentroBasket tournament.
  4. Their daughter Paulina Barea Ortiz was born in March 31, 2016.
  5. Barea was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in 2006.
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  7. Carmen Barea played club hockey for Universidad de Sevilla.
  8. Barea fell down hard while Bynum was immediately ejected.
  9. Barea played all 21 playoff games for the Mavericks which included three starts.
  10. Jos?Juan Barea had 13 to lead the Mavericks.
  11. Vermont coach Tom Brennan thinks NU is a fine team, even without Barea.
  12. Barea pleaded guilty to using a false instrument and will be sentenced next month.
  13. Arroyo and Barea were included in the tournament's All-Star Team.
  14. Following this game, Barea received the event's Most Valuable Player award.
  15. Although Barea recovered and finished the game, he called the foul " dangerous ".
  16. Rivera gave birth to their son Sebasti醤 Jos?Barea Rivera in February 17, 2012.
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