bare your soul in a sentence

"bare your soul" in Chinese  
  1. Examine your motives and the possible outcome before baring your soul.
  2. Sometimes, it pays to dig deep and bare your soul.
  3. Moore said . ` You have to bare your soul'
  4. Graham says haughtily, " You should learn to bare your soul ."
  5. Selling a book is one thing; baring your soul to the sellout press is another.
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  7. You cannot use a credit card to buy clothes to cover your body without baring your soul.
  8. So, it s really not necessary to bare your soul when providing advice to anonymous questioners.
  9. "You're opening yourself up and baring your soul and that's how we become family.
  10. When LaVeta Jackson kills her children and then is killed, you have to bare your soul and examine yourself.
  11. And : Natalie, please don't feel the need to cross your heart when you next bare your soul.
  12. But that's the chance you take when you bare your soul, to say nothing of your bottom, in a public place.
  13. It involves challenges like dealing with the poor or the homeless, or taking a stand for something you believe in, baring your soul in front of class.
  14. A spindly scamp with a roguish good heart, his Gaz reminds us that it's a lot harder to bare your soul than it is to bare your privates.
  15. It takes courage and a lot of different things to bare your soul with each other, but the more you can do that, the more worthwhile it all becomes.
  16. We've been writing songs together for 10 years and you can imagine there are no inhibitions any of us feel toward each other, so when you write a song you have to bare your soul a bit.
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