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  1. Midfielder Tab Ramos can be seen hawking a certain candy bar.
  2. "It's the same with all the bars.
  3. In one, they encountered Wild Bill Hickok at the bar.
  4. Helping put 308 fugitives behind bars ain't too shabby.
  5. Nestle is selling chocolate bars molded in movie-scene shapes.
  6. It's difficult to find bar in a sentence.
  7. Bars, restaurants and clubs of various types are not covered.
  8. We're not like other lesbians, going to bars.
  9. The Karmann Coachwork VW Cabrio offers a standard fixed roll bar.
  10. Babcock added that such guidelines are inimical to the defense bar.
  11. Finally, some trivia to toss out at the salad bar:
  12. Foster named her favorite bars while a student at Yale University.
  13. Putting poachers behind bars in the United States has gotten easier.
  14. Carly gives up prostitution and buys the bar at the terminal.
  15. Why is this 70-year-old farmer behind bars?
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