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  1. Three major banking associations have filed a brief in support of Monogram.
  2. The English name of the bank at first is Swiss Banking Association.
  3. The banking association said it couldn't say how much was still held.
  4. Carlos Larreategui, head of Ecuador's Private Banking Association, told Dow Jones Newswires.
  5. "It's a phenomenon, " said Fritz Elmendorf, spokesman for the Consumer Banking Association.
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  7. From 1937 to 1970, Erichsen was employed in the banking association Forretningsbankenes Konjunkturinstitutt.
  8. And members of the local Banking Association are working together to find solutions.
  9. Until 1921, the bank was known as the Swiss Banking Association.
  10. Frankfurt : BDB German Banking Association holds autumn press conference on industry performance.
  11. Rodriguez said at the annual conference of the Argentine banking association.
  12. The bank is a member of the Banking Association of Venezuela.
  13. The British Banking Association also reported strong demand for credit.
  14. He was also the President and Chairman of Argentine Banking Association ( ADEBA ).
  15. The Online Banking Association has about 50 members, including BankAmerica, Wells Fargo and Citicorp.
  16. A banking association representative was not immediately available Thursday to comment on ATM costs.
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