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  1. "We're testing different banking arrangements out under different banners with different banks.
  2. The company renegotiated its banking arrangements in the early 1990s after encountering a debt crisis in the wake of acquiring Ogilvy Group.
  3. Sean McCormack, a spokesman for President George W . Bush's National Security Council, did not respond to questions Friday about the banking arrangements.
  4. On 5 November 2013, the High Court in London granted an interim injunction preserving the banking arrangement between Dahasbhiil and Barclays until the conclusion of a full trial.
  5. But Intuit, in addition to its home-banking arrangements, already offers on-line updates of mutual funds'performance and other financial data to the users of its software.
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  7. The world economic difficulties result from a range of reasons, not the least of which is the bloody hopeless banking arrangements associated with a country as big as Japan, our biggest trading partner,
  8. Moreover, in the first action, by presenting the materially altered and therefore invalid cheque under normal banking arrangements, the collecting bank was not asserting its validity and accordingly the consequence of invalidity could not be avoided by alleging an estoppel.
  9. He would prefer to replace the organization with a mechanical system that would increase the money supply at some fixed rate, and thought that " leaving monetary and banking arrangements to the market would have produced a more satisfactory outcome than was actually achieved through government involvement ".
  10. Payment into a separate bank account is a useful ( though by no means conclusive ) indication of an intention to create a trust, but of course there is nothing to prevent the company from binding itself by a trust even if there are no effective banking arrangements.
  11. I am therefore asking once again for my page to be semi-locked so that such disruptive edits and vandalism, which could interfere with the compliance and commercial aspects of the banking arrangements we are presently in the midst of concluding, are not allowed to continue.
  12. Koizumi, a former health minister known for his shaggy hairstyle and fiery rhetoric, is pushing economic and structural reforms, including the privatization of Japan's postal system, a huge banking arrangement in which customers hold savings accounts and even insurance policies in by the post office.
  13. She said she was going to South Asia " to learn as much as I possibly can about what is being done there and what they are doing to help themselves, " particularly in terms of helping women get access to lending and investment capital though innovative banking arrangements.
  14. Originating in southeast Asia and India, users of these systems transfer funds through the use of agents who enter into agreements with each other to receive money from people in one country ( such as overseas workers ) and to pay money to specified relatives or friends in other countries without having to rely on conventional banking arrangements.
  15. The Minister is responsible for advice on corporate tax legislation, asset systems, banking arrangements, government office accommodation, information, communications and technology policy and governance, the government vehicle fleet, print management, public sector corporate services, public sector information systems and services, public sector workers'compensation administration and the records service.
  16. Bizos also asked Judge Paddington Garwe to arrest Ben Menashe for contempt after he refused to answer questions about his contract with the government, said he could not recall details of his company's banking arrangements and dodged queries on " non-performing " deals to provide food to Armenia, Belarus, Ghana, Russia and Zambia, for which Ben Menashe had been paid.
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