banking application in a sentence

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  1. TIBS is built on a core banking application supplied by Silverlake.
  2. Consider a hypothetical banking application that handles transactions one after another.
  3. It is used for ATMs and some other banking applications.
  4. Until recently, he said, banking applications rarely worked on anything else.
  5. I have to go to my banking application.
  6. It's difficult to find banking application in a sentence.
  7. Start of development of a banking application procedure.
  8. Natasak said initially the centre will display banking applications and registration products for educational institutions.
  9. As credit and banking applications continue to move onto the Internet, fraud is becoming easier.
  10. The secure area may be an online banking portal, telephone banking system or mobile banking application.
  11. The Fortezza card has been used in government, military, and banking applications to protect sensitive data.
  12. The company has seen a lot of growth in telecommunications and banking applications, especially in mobile phone tools.
  13. This is the world's first Phase 2 + SIM card mobile banking application launched in April last year.
  14.  KBL-ApnaApp is an Android-based SMS banking application, which will work on the basis of SMS authentication.
  15. Remote banking is provided by means of internet banking, the home banking system, and the banking application for the iPhone.
  16. February 7, 2007 | Visual WEB Solutions Inc ., a financial banking application solutions company was acquired by ACI Worldwide.
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