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  1. In addition to farming, Hitt was in the banking and insurance businesses.
  2. Ever since the Glass Steagall Act, banking and insurance businesses had been kept separate.
  3. He was also involved in the banking and insurance business.
  4. Despite these losses, the company said its consumer banking and insurance businesses continued to do well.
  5. In many European countries, cooperative institutions have a predominant market share in the retail banking and insurance businesses.
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  7. Though his key business interest remained paper machinery, in later life Gavit entered the banking and insurance business.
  8. Komansky says that Congress must be even-handed as the last barriers separating the securities, banking and insurance businesses are dismantled.
  9. Kinney served as a local judge in Russell and was in the banking and insurance businesses in Kansas and Wisconsin.
  10. This was a form of demerger from CFC Stanbic Holdings which separated the banking and insurance business of the group.
  11. He then served in the United States armed forces during World War II . Zahn was in the banking and insurance businesses.
  12. The Cayman Islands is one of the wealthiest territories per capita in the world, with an economy based on tourism, offshore banking and insurance businesses.
  13. In the past year, more banks have begun to purchase agencies to take advantage of eroding walls that have separated banking and insurance businesses since the Depression.
  14. Insurers owned by their policyholders are planning to open a federally chartered thrift next year, in the latest sign of the convergence of the banking and insurance businesses.
  15. But tourism has declined and the success of Bermuda's offshore banking and insurance businesses has eroded in recent years, prompting many of Bermuda's 58, 000 residents to worry about the future.
  16. But now, from banking and insurance businesses to paper and chemicals, a new breed of Swiss executive appears to be casting aside age-old fears and acknowledging the pressures of world competition.
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