bankia bank in a sentence

  1. The Bankia bank, the country's largest mortgage lender, was nationalized on 9 May, and on 25 May it announced that it would require a bailout of ?23.5 billion to cover losses from failed mortgages.
  2. The island has a school, lyceum, post office, supermarkets, medical center, pharmacy, a Bankia bank branch ( in danger of closure as of September 2013 but still there in February 2016 ), port, beaches, bar-restaurants and a square.
  3. The island has a school, a lyceum, a post office, supermarkets, a port, beaches, the only bank in the island ( a Bankia bank branch in danger of elimination as of September 2013 ) and a square ( plaza ) where bikes can be hired.
  4. It was the second bank in Norway to offer US style credit cards with zero annual / monthly fee and including a grace period, after Bankia Bank ASA . In the eighteen months following the launch of GE MasterCard in June 2001, the market increased to more than 100, 000 US style credit cards.
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