bank balance in a sentence

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  1. Oh, and don't you think your bank balance is a little low?
  2. Computers let customers log onto the Internet and check their bank balances.
  3. Your career, your bank balance and the musician who gave you work.
  4. Could one of those things be the band's shrinking bank balance, perhaps?
  5. A fat bank balance provides more than psychological comfort for a candidate.
  6. It's difficult to find bank balance in a sentence.
  7. And he knew that for him, goals are like a bank balance.
  8. Customers with high bank balances may get it for free, Lyter predicted.
  9. Nevertheless, alternatives exist for people with high hopes and low bank balances.
  10. It seems to have restored its bank balance and renewed its classical style.
  11. There's no doubt, though, that the ETrade options could help Thurow's bank balance.
  12. Some people are very happy to live with a very small bank balance.
  13. For the moment, the most significant item settling downward is Tarango's bank balance.
  14. Now, of course, I want to crawl into her bank balance!
  15. The boy-to-line ratio is still short, but then so is our bank balance.
  16. Faced with a shrunken bank balance he starts to sleep out.
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