banite in a sentence

"banite" in Chinese  
  1. She was a Banite Priestess, loyal to Rezlus.
  2. Nezra tells the heroes that Lorin-Aria was once a Banite Priestess loyal to Rezlus.
  3. The Banite tradition encouraged each apprentice to eventually challenge and slaughter his or her master, and then take an apprentice in turn.
  4. The distance to Banite is 15 km, to Smolyan & mdash; 66 km, and to the capital city Sofia & mdash; 177 km.
  5. Among the ranks of the Zhentarim's other major players are the Banite priest Teldorn Darkhope the lord of the Zhentarim in Mintar, and a close ally of Fzoul and Lady Scyllua Darkhope Zhentil Keep's champion, who administers the defenses and day-to-day affairs of the keep itself.
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