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  1. One such ruled came in the Banita Jacks case.
  2. Adele Banita and her small son were injured, Adele wounded seriously with stab wounds.
  3. The city center is located just to the north of the fork of two creeks, the LaNana and Banita.
  4. In addition, a banished noble ( " banita " ) who killed an infamed one could expect his exile sentence to be revoked.
  5. As a result of Lopes'call, police sergeant James Lafranchise visited the Jacks home on April 30, 2007, and interviewed Banita Jacks in her front yard.
  6. It's difficult to find banita in a sentence.
  7. After all, we've been inhabitated continuously by folks for more than 600 years, since the Caddoan Indians decided to pitch tents here on the banks of the Banita and Lanana creeks.
  8. On April 27, Lopes visited the Jacks home with a police officer and another school employee, but Banita Jacks refused to allow them inside; Lopes testified that she saw the two younger girls in the living room and that they appeared unkempt . Over the next few days, Lopes made repeated calls to CFSA as well as to the police.
  9. He was listed by the " Wiadomo [ ci " of London among the Polish writers in exile who ought to be members of the Polish Academy of Literature were such an institution to be established ( or rather white-winged horse would bend down to peer into my crib ? " In the poem " Banita " ( The Banished One; 1961 ) Rey speaks of himself as a person deprived of speech, on account of his being " a poet without a land ".
  10. In her 2013 essay, " Writing Energy Security after 9 / 11 : Oil, Narrative, and Globalization, " Georgiana Banita of Universit鋞 Bamberg noted : " The juxtaposition of finance jargon and poetic language was pioneered by Viken Berberian s Das Kapital : a novel of love and money markets, which is doubly impressive in its ability to predict the financial crisis ( the book appeared in 2007 ) and its insight, deeper than Wayne s, into why Karl Marx s Das Kapital is especially useful as a shorthand for the entwinement of finance, social relations, and globalization in the twilight of the American empire ."

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