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  1. Baniszewski soon focused her abuse exclusively on Sylvia.
  2. When Baniszewski was unable to finish the branding, she had Ricky Hobbs finish.
  3. The news of Baniszewski's parole hearing sent shockwaves through the Indiana community.
  4. Despite the efforts, Baniszewski was granted parole.
  5. Baniszewski began allowing her older children to beat Likens, and push her down stairs.
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  7. During the highly publicized trial, Gertrude Baniszewski denied being responsible for Likens'death.
  8. Paula Baniszewski pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and was released from prison one year later.
  9. Baniszewski and four children were convicted.
  10. The Likens'parents were paying Baniszewski $ 20 a week to care for the sisters.
  11. Lester Likens agreed to pay Baniszewski $ 20 a week, but his payment was sometimes late.
  12. Paula Baniszewski once beat Likens in the face with such force that she broke her own wrist.
  13. Sylvia and her parents go immediately to the Baniszewski household to make sure that Jenny is safe.
  14. Baniszewski said the girl had been beaten by members of a gang with whom she had been running.
  15. She did not know the woman who answered the door, but later learned it was Gertrude Baniszewski.
  16. The call is cut short when they see the Baniszewski children, who tell their mother about it.
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