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  1. SR 57 curves south and crosses Sandy Creek just west of its mouth at the Banister River before reaching its eastern terminus at SR 360 ( Mountain Road ) west of Halifax.
  2. The U . S . Highway crosses the Banister River at Terrys Bridge and meets the coincident termini of SR 360 ( Bethel Road ) and SR 40 ( Lunenburg County Highway ).
  3. The two highways diverge : SR 360 heads northeast as Bethel Road and US 501 heads northwest as two-lane L . P . Bailey Memorial Highway . which crosses Banister Lake, an impoundment of the Banister River, as it leaves the town of Halifax.
  4. The two highways head northeast together to the northern town limit, where US 501 splits northwest toward Lynchburg as L . P . Bailey Memorial Highway and SR 360 heads east as Bethel Road, which crosses the Banister River a short distance south of its impoundment, Banister Lake.
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