banister fletcher in a sentence

  1. The catalogue received a Banister Fletcher Award honorable mention.
  2. Sir Banister Fletcher made alterations in around 1900.
  3. The dome, not completed until after his death, has been called by Banister Fletcher, " the greatest creation of the Renaissance ".
  4. Society events include member visits to places of interest, keynote lectures ( including the annual Banister Fletcher Lecture ), debates and social events.
  5. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, he studied in Britain under Professor Roger Smith and then worked for Sir Banister Fletcher recording sketches of historic British buildings.
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  7. Despite its lack of spires or pinnacles, the architectural historian Banister Fletcher describes it as " the highest development in English Gothic of this type of fa鏰de ."
  8. They wrote the standard textbook " A History of Architecture ", which is also often referred to just as "'Banister Fletcher " '.
  9. Their son, also named Banister Fletcher, became a noted architect who co-authored " A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method " with his father.
  10. Subsequent presidents included the architectural historian Sir Banister Fletcher, the Anglo-Irish writer, dramatist and poet Lord Dunsany, Compton Mackenzie  author of " Whisky Galore "  and Laurence Meynell.
  11. Banister Fletcher was an early member of the society and his will provided a small bequest to the society on condition that it held an annual lecture in his name, which was inaugurated upon his death.
  12. "' Sir Banister Flight Fletcher "'( 15 February 1866, London  17 August 1953, London ) was an English architect and architectural historian, as was his father, also named Banister Fletcher.
  13. I have relied heavily upon both the methods and the material contained in the tome of the renowned architectural historian Sir Banister Fletcher, and have included in the References the names of most of the other books which I consulted in writing the article.
  14. It was joint winner of the Wolfson Prize for History, won the PEN Hessell-Tiltman Prize, was shortlisted for the Authors'Club Banister Fletcher Award for art history, and was listed for the Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction.
  15. The school is currently split over two campuses  Maze Hill, where the 1920s grade II listed neo-Georgian building ( architects Percy Boothroyd Dannatt and Sir Banister Fletcher ) stands, and Westcombe Park  named after the roads on which they lie ( respectively Maze Hill and Westcombe Park Road ).
  16. For example, a description of five buildings which states at its introduction " " The method of comparison used here is based upon that of Banister Fletcher . [ 3 ] " " requires no further reference because every bit of information that follows is based on the " Bible " of architectural study.

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