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  1. On 17 October an attack on Baniska Trench failed when the French barrage fell short onto the 32nd Infantry Regiment as it waited for zero hour in an advanced jumping-off trench.
  2. The German counter-bombardment caught the support waves in the French front line and the advanced troops were caught in cross-fire from machine-gun nests set up in front of Baniska Trench.
  3. The 1st Hampshire and the French were quickly stopped by enfilade fire from Boritska / Baniska Trench opposite and from machine-guns hidden in shell-holes but when reinforced by the 1st Rifle Brigade, established posts north-west of the trench.
  4. Baniska Trench was eventually captured by the 152nd Division ( General Andrieu ) on 1 November, after Fayolle over-ruled Andrieu and insisted on an attack, which apparently surprised the Germans, who did think that one could occur in such abysmal conditions.
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