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"banishment" meaning  "banishment" in Chinese  
  1. I think the ( banishment ) will continue as it is,
  2. But now the Blue Devils designation, too, faces banishment.
  3. Some other words that made it on the LSSU banishment list:
  4. CBS at 8 : Another house mouse is nominated for banishment.
  5. "It's banishment from one's home.
  6. It's difficult to find banishment in a sentence.
  7. But criminal charges and exile have not meant banishment from politics.
  8. The banishment has ended, but Aoun still lives in France.
  9. Banishment from the union could force a journalist out of work.
  10. This act results in Andry's banishment from the Desert.
  11. Dormammu returned to overthrow Clea, and freed Umar from banishment.
  12. This led to the banishment of Gingee Nayak rule in 1649.
  13. He wrote to the bishop to recall the banishment right away.
  14. Judkins'banishment to the seconds had won him the award.
  15. One of the peace terms was the banishment of the Uskoks.
  16. Later, this exile was modified to banishment in Tosa province.
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