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  1. In these trying economic times in Southeast Asia, Dennis McCarthy's TheLoyalty Link should have a balming effect on less courageous souls.
  2. P . S . Just saw your last edit-you continue balming for POV ( while you don't even once seriously addressed my arguments ), article owenring and with your disrespectful manner of editing.
  3. I'm not a nationalist, I fully believe in the rights of any other people that are not Jewish and anyway, I never made any kind of religious assertions about non Jews, and as long as one don't hate me because I'm Jewish I realy have no problem with him / her or any prejudice or any ridiculous form or racial superiority feelings, so balming me for being religious fundementalist is realy bad idea .-- talk ) 17 : 10, 28 September 2009 ( UTC)
  4. It's difficult to find balming in a sentence.

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