balmiki in a sentence

  1. But discrimination against the balmiki is right and it must go on.
  2. As Balmiki, they have obtained scheduled caste status.
  3. Gopalji Balmiki took a day off from his job to attend the river ceremony.
  4. All Balmiki Ashram's have common features.
  5. According to some traditions, the community are a branch of the Balmiki community.
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  7. The present mayor is Indrajeet Balmiki while the present commissioner is Indra Vikram Singh.
  8. Bishambhar Balmiki is our new MLA from BJP, village expecting very much from Bishambhar.
  9. There is no Balmiki religious significance for this except for Sikh traditional influence on the community.
  10. A section of the Lal Beg have embraced Hinduism, and now are known as Balmiki.
  11. Their main tribal deity is Balmiki.
  12. In Bihar, the Lal Begi claim descent from the saint Balmiki, and originated in Rajasthan.
  13. Gopalji Balmiki, a middle-aged man, took the day off work to join the procession.
  14. The place is birthplace of Lava and Kusha, sons of Ramachandra, in ashrama of Saint Balmiki.
  15. "' Balmiki "'is a Hindu sect that worships the sage Valmiki as their ancestor and god.
  16. A balmiki family had given them a down payment for their house and store, but then had failed to pay the balance.
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