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  1. December in the Rochester, N . Y ., area isn't the balmiest time of year.
  2. Cool, of course, is relative : The balmiest of days on Mars might reach 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. The Sunshine State's big chill caused records to fall in even the state's balmiest cities.
  4. The Sunshine State's big chill caused record low temperatures in even the state's balmiest cities.
  5. They are enjoying one of their nation's balmiest overseas posts since Germany lost its African colonies at the end of World War I.
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  7. So it was a gorgeous irony when her Beach to Beacon 10K was greeted in its first running Saturday by only the bluest of skies and balmiest of summer days.
  8. It is the heart of the area known somewhat optimistically as the English Riviera, and has much of England's balmiest weather, many of its palm trees, and 10 beaches.
  9. Think of " Soup's up ! " as an inviting call on what are often the balmiest times of our year : the mellow evenings of late August and September.
  10. The present collection captures a sustained peak of artistry with unashamedly silly skits, animated office furniture, and the balmiest guys-in-gorilla-suits routines you're likely to see.
  11. The best-attended party, although some of the top brass discreetly miss it, comes near the end of every world cruise when a crew variety show mimics the passengers : the most boring, most obnoxious, balmiest, the biggest pest, etc.
  12. It was the balmiest late winter day in memory, and the seas offered no threat of acting up as, another early arrival told us, they had a few nights before, when the Liberty I was forced to turn back, rain checks all round.
  13. In a 1920 report, a Communist boasts of doing better than the Socialist Party : " In instances we have held larger mass meetings than the S . P . ever held in its balmiest days . These mass meetings have gone forward without interference to now.

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