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  1. It lies east of Gemmi Pass on the chain culminating at the Balmhorn.
  2. It is situated in the Balmhorn massif, approximately halfway between Kandersteg and Leukerbad.
  3. It lies south of the Balmhorn and overlooks the L鰐schen Pass on its north side.
  4. Walker's sister Lucy also attained some notable firsts during the period, including the first ascent of the Balmhorn ( 1864 ), and later several first female ascents.
  5. To the east, the Daubenhorn at above sea level; to the north the Gemmi Pass ( ) and the Balmhorn ( ); to the west the Torrenthorn ( ).
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  7. The Balmhorn ( ), bordering the canton of Valais to the south, is the highest in the valley; it is followed by the Bl黣mlisalp ( ), east of the village.
  8. Early successes included the first ascent of the Balmhorn ( 1864 ), and the first female ascent of the Eiger ( 1864 ), Wetterhorn ( 1866 ), Lyskamm ( 1868 ) and Piz Bernina ( 1869 ).
  9. The L鰐schen Pass itself is the lowest point ( 2, 676 m ) on the crest between the Balmhorn to the west and the high range west of the Jungfrau to the east, making up the water divide between the Rhine ( north ) and the Rhone ( south ).

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