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  1. Balmer attended the hearing early Wednesday, but did not testify.
  2. Balmer had great influence in the denomination to which he belonged.
  3. Balmer ran for election to the Colorado Senate for district 27.
  4. Balmer spent two days at it, including a conversation with Sprewell.
  5. Balmer attended the hearing early Wednesday but did not testify.
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  7. It was founded as the Balmer School by Louise Balmer in 1926.
  8. It was founded as the Balmer School by Louise Balmer in 1926.
  9. Balmer emission, or H?, is also associated with active chromospheres.
  10. Balmer typified this new attacking strength by scoring 2 0.
  11. That work fell to the Balmer Studios of Toronto.
  12. League security director Horace Balmer completed his testimony Wednesday.
  13. The complex was later called Balmer's Pavilion.
  14. Designations from the early Balmer Series are in parentheses.
  15. Specialist sections were also established in the Balmer Lawn and Forest Park Hotels.
  16. There are several prominent ultraviolet Balmer lines with wavelengths shorter than 400 nm.
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