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  1. But Anderson was there to provide ballast for a sinking ship.
  2. Poured concrete floors for ballast, to make them ride smooth.
  3. Its ballast working group is considering the report's recommendations.
  4. Applewhite now sometimes seemed grief-worn, his ballast gone.
  5. The stones were ballast removed from ships put up for repair.
  6. It's difficult to find ballast in a sentence.
  7. Some were originally ballast in ships that came from New England.
  8. The rest of the country was left open to ballast dumping.
  9. In January 2000, California passed its own ballast exchange law.
  10. The ballasts are inside the fixture, under the cover plate.
  11. You don't need very many to create the ballast.
  12. Plain steamed rice provides ballast, and you need nothing more.
  13. In addition to the ballast tanks used in double trimming, tanks
  14. Without that ballast, France 2 was floating on its side.
  15. Seagoing ships carry ballast water to keep the vessel floating right.
  16. A commercial operator sorts the ballast under contract to the WSRA.
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