ball in a sentence

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  1. He just got the ball up where they could whack it,
  2. If he touches one ball in a game, he scores.
  3. Brogna killed the ball to deep right center for a double.
  4. We only hit the ball hard once or twice all day,
  5. Fortunately, the transformation would be easy with an oblong ball.
  6. It's difficult to find ball in a sentence.
  7. Is Hanks hitting real Ping-Pong balls at high speed?
  8. He's kept us in most ball games ."
  9. She made one exception : a new stress ball to squeeze.
  10. Is he the best catcher at blocking balls in the dirt?
  11. The Dutch have the ability to hold the ball under pressure.
  12. The only one I had was getting him the ball more.
  13. The Dutch said Romario was offside before Bebeto received the ball.
  14. I'm shining up my ball and my lucky shoes.
  15. Still, it could not put the ball into the net.
  16. He stepped up to the ball and uttered a playful obscenity.
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