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  1. Circumferentors were typically mounted on tripods and rotated on ball-and-socket joints.
  2. Unlike the knee, Hershiser said, the shoulder is not a ball-and-socket joint.
  3. The figures were made of modelling clay and latex rubber, over an armature of wire and ball-and-socket joints.
  4. Last October, Robert Stahl had his arthritic hip replaced with an artificial one, a ball-and-socket joint made of titanium.
  5. They consist of only four elements, combined in different ways : cylinders, ball-and-socket joints, motors, and control circuits.
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  7. These are connected by chains of rings ( usually of five inches ( 127 mm ) ); modern versions use ball-and-socket joints.
  8. The steam and exhaust pipes had ball-and-socket joints, with the centre of the ball coinciding with that of the spherical pivot casting.
  9. They have an additional little ball-and-socket joint within the wrist joint that gives them an extra 90 degrees of rotational ability within the wrist,
  10. They have another ball-and-socket joint at the base of their thumb, which allows the thumb to grab branches of widely different sizes and shapes.
  11. The site resembles a ball-and-socket joint, suggesting that if a drug could be designed to fit the socket on GP120 it could block infection.
  12. The two powered trucks were connected together with a ball-and-socket joint, and the bar frames, allowing more room for the traction motors and equipment.
  13. The exhaust of the inner cylinders on the front power unit passed to the smokebox via a similar ball-and-socket joint, installed close to the universal joint.
  14. Two knobs, imitating the ball of a ball-and-socket joint, protrude just above the middle of each shaft . The white hydrocal was roughly scarred to give the appearance of bone.
  15. Sarah Gravitt and Ed Leiker were in pain a few years back, pain that shot from the hip _ more specifically, from the ball-and-socket joint that connects the leg to the pelvis.
  16. O'Bannon said he was told the injury was a sprain, but a press release termed the injury a separation that involves the clavicle bone and is not the more common separation involving the ball-and-socket joint.
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