balky in a sentence

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  1. The C drive is balky and the A drive has died.
  2. Geddes suffered from a balky putter, shooting 71 _ 136.
  3. That still isn't intuitive as kicking a balky car.
  4. A balky landing gear in November 1994 failed a safety check.
  5. A balky five-speed manual transmission adds to the hijinks.
  6. It's difficult to find balky in a sentence.
  7. EVERYBODY needs somebody sometime to help with balky hardware or software.
  8. Reed was scratched from the game because of a balky hamstring.
  9. You want to winch the book out of your balky mind.
  10. Jones plugs in a monitor and communes with the balky Mazda.
  11. Balky Communist allies brought down the previous government in the fall.
  12. Or blocking the dam and stuffing the birds if Fumblevote turned balky.
  13. We'll start with the easiest fix for a balky modem.
  14. Faulty wiring or maybe a balky heater had set a bedroom aflame.
  15. There are tricks to getting a balky floppy to start.
  16. Be aware that some of these pages can be balky.
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