balkus in a sentence

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  1. Balkus, eager to meet him, stopped by to pose a question.
  2. It was a practiced campaign line, but Balkus politely said she was impressed.
  3. So when Gina Balkus asked Alexander why she should entrust him with her vote, he offered some of his favorite lines:
  4. Stuart Challender conducted the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, with Bernadette Harvey-Balkus playing the first movement of the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No . 2.
  5. He said the new camps will be 30 kilometers ( 18 miles ) south of the Turkish border at Mukibla and Balkus in the northern Iraqi province of Dohuk.
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  7. Gina Balkus left home for work Tuesday morning but ended up at the Capitol City Diner, sidetracked by Lamar Alexander yard signs freshly impaled in the frozen New England ground.
  8. His sister is the pianist Bernadette Harvey-Balkus; his brother Dominic Harvey is head of brass at the Australian National University and noted conductor; and, another sister Rowan Harvey-Martin is a violinist and noted conductor.

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