balks in a sentence

"balks" in Chinese  
  1. Why did Davis balk at filling this position of obvious neglect?
  2. Calling balks without explanation and making teams play on through monsoons.
  3. The monks are polite but often balk at journalists'questions.
  4. Normally video dealers balk at promoting other mediums on their tapes.
  5. When Paul begs her to testify in court, she balks.
  6. It's difficult to find balks in a sentence.
  7. If she really balks, respect her need and back off.
  8. He broke his motion, and Craft immediately ruled a balk.
  9. Many travelers balk at buying travel insurance because of the cost.
  10. "BALK RADIO, " teased the Daily News.
  11. Greece, Macedonia and Germany-- would balk at escalation.
  12. He had four balks, a flaw that has been corrected.
  13. Kennan said he would balk at such a clause . ..
  14. Gervase balks, Stacey gulps, B . B . walks.
  15. But there have long been Israelis who balk at reserve service.
  16. Sometimes, they balk at going out with her in public.
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