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  1. The delivery point for Western Natural Gas is Balero Transmission Company's Permian / Waha hub.
  2. Alberto Garcia Aspe took the kick, but Julio Balero Correa dove to his right to make the save.
  3. Kendama bears similarities to the classic cup-and-ball game, and the Hispanic world toy known as " boliche " or " balero ".
  4. It ended with him returning to the present, sighing wistfully, then pulling out a balero ( the only toy he'd ever had on a regular basis ) made of a stick, a tin can, and a piece of string.
  5. It is popular in Spanish-speaking countries, where it is called by a wide number of names ( including "'boliche "'in Spain and "'balero "'in most of Latin America ), and was historically popular in France as the "'bilboquet " '.
  6. It's difficult to find balero in a sentence.

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