baldly in a sentence

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  1. The actual object of his affections becomes baldly, boldly irrelevant.
  2. They baldly accuse Vincent of killing Kramer and taking his briefcase.
  3. China doesn't portray the issue that baldly, of course.
  4. New York Times columnist Bob Herbert stated it most baldly last November.
  5. This makes Hollywood's support of Gore baldly obvious.
  6. It's difficult to find baldly in a sentence.
  7. Stated so baldly, this might strike some as a goofy goal.
  8. The headline stated, baldly : " No pressure.
  9. It baldly calls itself " the magazine about shopping ."
  10. Many of the characters spend the movie baldly lying to one another.
  11. Officially neither side would describe the state of the relationship so baldly.
  12. You'll see this baldly stated in matrimonial ads.
  13. The Knicks'predicament was stated quite baldly on the pregame lineup notes:
  14. It is rare to get this confirmed so baldly.
  15. "A monkey could do this, " he says baldly.
  16. So money, as James so baldly stated, is certainly a factor.
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