bald people in a sentence

  1. _Baldist : Someone who dislikes bald people.
  2. For bald people some now say follicle impaired.
  3. Photos of bald people are being placed in an article about afro-textured hair.
  4. Are there bald people in England?
  5. Are there bald people in Germany?
  6. It's difficult to find bald people in a sentence.
  7. "Tell me, what countries are there bald people in ? " he asked rhetorically.
  8. And he still needs to find a transition between a joke about bald people and one about spirituality.
  9. "I recently read a magazine article about the 50 most beautiful bald people, " he said.
  10. On a picture about blond hair would I put multiple photos of bald people and replace the ones that show longer hair?
  11. One argument against the fallacy is based on the simple counterexample : there do exist bald people and people who aren't bald.
  12. I'm thinking, God's saying to me, ` Oh yeah, gonna make fun of bald people, are we?
  13. Also, there are numerous bald people that will never be listed here .-- Ineffable3000 05 : 35, 5 December 2006 ( UTC)
  14. And the object is to plot and scheme to create a thriving population of bald people who become workers, scientists, soldiers, builders or breeders.
  15. The way Larry David, an unpacific misanthrope on the Pacific, sees it, the outdoors " is not a good place for bald people.
  16. If you survey 900 bald people and 100 not-bald people you do technically obtain " 90 % of respondents say combs are not useful ".
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