bald patches in a sentence

"bald patches" in Chinese  
  1. The Eleonora also has a bald patch behind its crest.
  2. Lydia offers to do something about her bald patch.
  3. His ironed shirts hang loose on his drooping shoulders and his bald patches are more pronounced.
  4. The hair over the forehead was scraped out and painted over to create a bald patch.
  5. When the bald patches became more evident years later, however, it was hard to ignore.
  6. It's difficult to find bald patches in a sentence.
  7. The few old farmhouses still standing had bald patches where the heavy roof tiles were shaken free.
  8. On light colored animals, this is done intentionally to leave a bald patch of dark skin.
  9. Before long, the youngsters were hobbling around with cataracts in their eyes and bald patches on their backs.
  10. Barber compares Judas's bald patch with a monk's tonsure or a bishop's cap.
  11. No records are official as preferred lies are being allowed this week due to bald patches on the fairways.
  12. Many tribes that live there have shaved their heads in a homage to alzeena's very sexy bald patch.
  13. When viewed from the Mount Washington Auto Road, Jefferson features an arrow-shaped bald patch pointing to its summit.
  14. Be sure to evenly coat the food to avoid bald patches that allow oil to penetrate the food and result in greasy eating.
  15. Manjrekar insisted that the film cast including Savita Malpekar should shave the head for their roles and avoid wearing a prosthetic bald patch.
  16. In reality, the hillside had been cleared for oil drilling in the 1920s and trees have since regrown, leaving the bald patch.
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