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  1. According to the bald mountain "-a traditional site of the witch gatherings.
  2. Rush Creek is noted for its large mine, located south of Bald Mountain.
  3. Across the water and beyond some trees, a bald mountain challenged the sky.
  4. The Bald Mountain Extension was located in 1874 east of Forest.
  5. While the speakers thundered forth Moussorgsky's " Night on Bald Mountain,"
  6. It's difficult to find bald mountain in a sentence.
  7. The " Night on Bald Mountain " piece is played during the fight.
  8. A very similar hut was maintained on Big Bald Mountain.
  9. Researchers list dozens of supposed " bald mountains " sites throughout Ukraine and Poland.
  10. "' Bald Mountain Airport "'is a private airport located 12 miles south of USA.
  11. Bald Mountain, Sonoma County : Bald Mountain, 2, 729 feet, overlooks the Napa Valley.
  12. Bergen County's highest elevation is Bald Mountain near the Mahwah, at above sea level.
  13. Bald Mountain, Sonoma County : Bald Mountain, 2, 729 feet, overlooks the Napa Valley.
  14. "' Boundary Bald Mountain "'is a mountain located in Canada US border with Quebec.
  15. The kaleidoscopic orchestration of this grotesque movement recalls Stokowski's version of Night on Bald Mountain.
  16. "' Bald Mountain "'is a peak in the western pika, and many species of wildflowers.
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