bald knobbers in a sentence

  1. The Bald Knobbers initially set out to put an end to the marauding gangs.
  2. But the Bald Knobbers were to end up having their own excesses and criminal activities.
  3. While the Bald Knobbers were mostly Confederacy.
  4. The Snap Balds where the Bald Knobbers were organized in 1883 are located just to the northwest of the village.
  5. This fearsome appearance only inflamed the anti-sentiment, peaking with the formation of the anti-Bald Knobbers.
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  7. For example, the Bald Knobbers were the term for several law-and-order vigilante groups in the Ozarks.
  8. When the Lynches bought the cave, the town was burned to the ground by the local group of vigilantes known as the Bald Knobbers.
  9. That next day a formal dissolution ceremony was held in the town square where the Bald Knobbers were publicly disbanded, having served their original purpose.
  10. A group of Anti-Bald Knobbers, still unsatisfied with the outsider Kinney's intrusion into their community, met together and selected an assassin for their cause.
  11. Coggburn hated Kinney, a very persuasive individual with a mysterious past, who had moved into the area with his family two years before the Bald Knobbers came into being.
  12. In the gunshot exchange, William Edens and Charles Green were killed, James Edens seriously wounded from an axe blow to the head and Bald Knobbers William Walker and John Mathews shot.
  13. Tasked with keeping blacks as well as white Republicans on plantations and away from the polls, the KKK and other groups like the Bald Knobbers reigned terror throughout the state for years.
  14. Though their opponents could never agree upon a proper means of dissolving the Bald Knobbers, they did succeed in petitioning the Missouri Governor to send an Adjutant General to Forsyth to investigate the situation.
  15. In addition, the vigilante activities of the'Bald Knobbers'in south-central Missouri during the 1880s have been interpreted by some as a further continuation of Civil War related guerrilla warfare.
  16. However, because their secret meetings were held atop a " bald " mountaintop ( in order to keep a lookout for spies ), the public began to refer to them as the Bald Knobbers.
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